Calendar Year 2022 Request to Join the Run Ozaukee Email Member List

By signing up to this Email list, I indicate that I have read, understand, and agree to the following:
  • I acknowledge that Run Ozaukee is a social group of runners with an interest in meeting other runners, making friends, sharing the experience of running, and encouraging each other to achieve goals.
  • I acknowledge that Run Ozaukee is not a registered or legally-recognized corporate entity with officers, directors, or employees; everyone involved with Run Ozaukee is a volunteer.
  • I acknowledge that the term “member” is used purely for convenience to refer to those on the e-mail list; it does not impute or imply any legal status, rights, or obligations.
  • I assume all risks associated with participating in runs, social gatherings, and any other Run Ozaukee events including appropriate hydration, clothing, gear, safety equipment for the conditions, and the consequences of my own behavior and decisions during such Run Ozaukee events.
  • I acknowledge that Run Ozaukee does not provide or guarantee: medical support, aid stations, traffic control, or safety of participants.
  • I acknowledge that athletic activities are inherently strenuous and risky, and I should only participate to the extent I am physically able to do so. I accept all responsibility and am solely responsible for staying within my own physical limits, and for seeking and following the professional medical advice of a physician.
  • I consent to photographs, videos, and audio recordings that include me involved in Run Ozaukee events and I consent to having the same posted to the Run Ozaukee website or used in social media or emails by Run Ozaukee and its participants.
  • I hereby waive and release all other members of the Run Ozaukee e-mail list, all participants in Run Ozaukee events (even those not on the e-mail list), and all volunteers of Run Ozaukee from all claims and liabilities of any kind arising out of e-mail communications sent by Run Ozaukee, my participation in Run Ozaukee events, and the use of my still or video image and voice recordings, even if such claims and liability arise out of negligence or carelessness.
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